Nice and long trip

Holidays in London? Why not!

When spring is coming, a lot of us begin to organizing future vacations. We are tired after many months of cold, winter days, and we need to reload our batteries for autumn. Nowadays, people in Poland have many various tourists destinations to choose, all because cheap airline companies. If you getting hard time to decide, […]

Nice and long trip

New York – perfect for holidays

When spring is coming, a lot of us start to think about future holidays. We are checking out various options, hoping to choose the best location possible. But if you are doing such plans several months ahead, you may consider to go for a trip of your lifetime, to United States. This country is more […]

Nice and long trip

Great holidays in Copenhagen

During summer time, most of the tourist are spending weeks in some tropical areas. Greece, Spain, south of France, sometimes Turkey. It is for them the best way to reload batteries for another month. But if you are not a fan of hot weather, and you better do some sightseeing in big, European metropolis, you […]

Nice and long trip

Lviv – fallowing footsteps of forefathers

Poland, because of it location on European maps, use to have very rich full history, which started in early Middle Ages. Since then, borders of our country were modified several ways, not only because of wars, but also personal unions with another countries. Because of that nowadays, many of our neighbors  own cities, which use […]

Nice and long trip

Have a vacations of your lifetime in Spain

Nowadays, since Poland is member of European union, a lot of it citizens are traveling whole around the world. All because small airline companies, which opened connections from our country dozen years ago. If you are planning your future holidays, you probably have a difficult decision to make, because of many options. But you need […]