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5 things obligatory to do when visiting London

British capital city is a popular touristic destination. It takes time to see the whole city. During one trip it is impossible. But for someone who is here for the first time, there are some points that cannot be omitted. What are they?

A photo with Big Ben

Who did not hear about that famous clock tower? In fact, Big Ben is the bell placed on top of it. Now it is a well-known symbol of London. It is built in neo-Gothic style and its construction was finished in the second half of 19th century. In 2017 the renovation of the tower begun, so now the sound of the 13,7 tone bell cannot be heard regularly. The enormous clock can be still admired.

A visit in Westminster Abbey

It is a meaningful place on the British map. Here, since 11th century, the kings were being crowned. The latest coronation of current queen, Elizabeth II took place in 1953. Inside, the British rulers as well as some famous British writers, e.g. Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling are buried. Here the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place. Those who would like to visit that place ought to visit it quite early – the big queues here are not rare.

Trying the British cuisine

Some people say that food in London is not tasty. But in fact, there are many places – from big restaurants, to street food trucks – that offer delicious dishes. British cuisine derives from international trends. If someone wants to try traditional British food, he should try the famous English breakfast. Many hotels serve it in a classical, warm form. Eggs, tomatoes, some mushrooms and bacon – tasty!

Something for Pottermaniacs

Fans of Harry Potter have to visit the King’s Cross Station in London. The famous train – Hogwarts Express – was beginning his course at that station. Now the sign of Platform 9? can be seen here. Tourists take a lot of photos with a luggage trolley that is half on the other side. There is also a possibility to do some shopping in a special store for Potter fans – see with LOT.

Madame Tussauds

No matter if someone is a history fan or Star Wars maniac – everyone can visit that wax museum. Its history begun in 1835. It is a great fun for children, but also for adults. The figures are in a natural size. A photo with Marilyn Monroe? Why not! It is good to buy the tickets earlier, on the Internet. Thanks to that, the long queue on the entrance can be avoided.

London is a fascinating city, where everyone can find something interesting. It cannot be completely seen during one visit, but some points are the best for the first trip. Encouraged?