Nice and long trip

Airplane – the best mode of transportation

When spring is coming, many of us begin to wondering about future vacations. Nothing surprising in that, cause after long and cold winter, like to reload our batteries in some place warm. Nowadays, Polish travelers have a lot more options to travel available, then twenty years ago. Every year, millions of us are visiting lands distanced and nearby, without spending a fortune on that. All because cheap airline companies, which are available for us since Poland became member of European Union.

Look for cheapest flights
If you are choosing travel by plane, you can spend holidays in very reasonable price, but you need to be aware of certain rules. Depending on your destination, you need to book your flights faster or later. For example, to visit New York without spending too much money, you should start to organize your trip at least six months earlier, but the best prices you will get by looking for them even one year ahead. Of course, holidays in United States requires from us a lot more preparations, like getting tourist visa for example, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Sometimes, especially for trips on European area, you can wait for the last day and travel for a penny. Because cheap airline companies are offering very good deals on unsold tickets.
Prepare for a flight
Travel by plane is a lot more different then by car or train. And it is not just about finding yourself up in the sky, but mostly about preparations. Cause when you like to go on board, you need to fallow the certain rules, which were invented to make our trip much safer. Depending on baggage you like to take with you, another regulations you will have to fallow. Checked in one could be really big and heavy, you can put in there however liquid cosmetics you like, even food is allowed, but only on EU area. Cause if you travel to United States, you cannot bring any sort of meals from outside this country. Carry on baggage which is free of charge, is much smaller, but in most of carriers, it can be medium size valise. You can also take some cosmetics with you, but all of the liquids need to be stuffed into small plastic bottles, gathered together into transparent bag.

There is no better option for holidays then travel by plane. It is very comfortable, mostly cheap, and lot faster then more conventional modes of transportation. But if you like to use this option, you have to fallow certain rules, cause not every type of materials is allowed on board – all because the safeness of other passengers.