Nice and long trip

Have amazing holidays in Barcelona

When we start to organize our future holidays, we have difficult thing to do. Cause nowadays, thanks to cheap airline companies, we are able to get from one part of Europe to another in very reasonable price. Because of that sometimes we don’t know what to choose. In that situation, the best is to select place, in which we will be able to do many various things. You like to swim in a sea, getting tan and do sightseeing in huge city in the same time? Visit Barcelona, one of the most popular tourist destination in entire continent.

The best mode of transportation
Spain, is situated very far away from our country. To get in there by car or a bus, we need to spend almost two days on the road. But still, a lot of tourist agencies are offering options like that. Also, you can take a train, and have very nice journey trough the half of Europe. But unfortunately, this option is very expensive if you don’t have a student discount. The most comfortable and the faster option, will be to use a service of airline carriers. Also, if you like to get it in very reasonable price, you can book your flight several month ahead. Even less expensive will be to go there in low season – June or September. Less tourist are travelling then, so tickets are cheap.
If you have never been to Barcelona, your first visit in there will be breathtaking. Because of architecture of Autonio Gaudi, spread whole around this place, this city is one of  a kind. Unfortunately, this brilliant artist died in tragic accident, so his the most famous piece, Sagrada Familia church, is unfinished. But you need to go to see it anywhere, it looks amazing. Another great temple in Barcelona, but from Medieval times, is Cathedral of Saint Eulalia. Inside of it, you can admire astonishing stained glasses from the period. To step inside, you need to be dressed up in proper way. Also, you need to take a walk on Las Ramblas, one of the longest streets in the Europe. Many markets, interesting buildings and gift shops are situated in there. Another great thing about Barcelona, are the beaches. Their are situated very close to the main district, so you are able to swim in a water every day.

One of the most popular destination for holiday, among tourists worldwide, is Barcelona. Nothing surprising in that, cause this amazing city is filled with monuments. Also, because of proximity of the sea, it is great in summer heat. To travel there from Poland, choose connections of cheap airline companies.