Nice and long trip

Amazing weekend in Berlin

Longer weekend, especially during summer or spring, is amazing opportunity to visit some interesting metropolis. This idea is very popular, especially since small airline companies are offering great deals on flights. People who are looking for any interesting place to visit on weekend need to consider Berlin, the capital of Germany.

How to get there?

People, who are living on the western part of Poland may get to the Berlin using car, train or bus. The journey shouldn’t take more than 4 hours, depending on distance and mode of transportation. Train is the most expensive, however also the most comfortable. Bus is very popular right now, especially among people, who are living in the bigger cities. But even if we are living in Wroclaw, we can choose airline plane and still save a lot of cash. If we book our flight a lot earlier, we will be able to pay even two times less for the same ticket. To do so, we have to fallow the offers of airline carriers and make a purchase at the start of the sale. Also, people who aren’t afraid of risk may use a last minute offer.


Berlin travelBerlin is filled with amazing monuments, even if it was totally destroyed during the events of world war second. True signature of this metropolis is The Brandenburg Gate, Classical building, founded at the end of eighteenth century as a symbol of Prussian victory. About 10 minutes walk from it you will be able to see amazing German Parliament headquarter, also designed in Classical style. Not so far away from this area you will see a piece of modern architecture. It is big Memorial for Holocaust Victims, placed at the area of couple dozens quarter meters. It is simply gathering of stoned Stella, in coal black colours. You shouldn’t miss a tour around it, it is very inspiring – fly with LOT airlines.

Another attractions

All type of travelers will find some interesting attractions in Berlin, for sure. If you are an admirer of extraordinary experiences, you need to visit Kreutzberg. This is modern, multicultural district, inhabited by foreigners and artists. It is the best area in Berlin to eat fancy, vegan food in good price, buy tropical items in Arabic market, or buy old book or painting in one out of many art galleries. You should also go for a trip to the eastern part of the city, to see amazing murals. They are covering entire space of ruins of Berlin Wall, draws are connected with political facts, cultural ideas or just simple humour. It is the best place to observe true spirit of modern Berlin.