Nice and long trip

Budapest – great idea for summer holidays

When spring is coming, most of us are starting to plan our future holidays. Nothing surprising in that, cause first rays of the sun, make us wonder about tropical lands. If you have a difficult time to decide, which destination will be perfect for you, you may consider to do some sightseeing in one of European metropolis.  If you have never been to Hungary, finest option would be to visit it capital, Budapest. This amazing city has a lot to offer to each type of tourist, so you won’t regret this trip, for sure.

How to get there?
Hungary isn’t very close to the Polish border. if you are going in there from Wroclaw, by a car for example, entire journey could take like nine hours. But even so, you are able to book seat in a bus of private carrier. If you don’t like to travel this way, another option is to take a train. In this mode of transportation, you will be able to stretch your legs from time to time. Unfortunately, if you are not a student, this trip will cost you a lot, without any sort of discount. Therefore, the best option in that situation, is to book flights to Budapest. If you plan your trip several weeks ahead, you will get a guarantee of lower price, using cheap airline carrier’s connection.
Tour around town
Budapest was formed in the middle of ninetieth century from two different cities, separated by Danube river. This diversion may be noticed even now, in architecture. First spot you definitely need to explore, is Castle Hill. This is the oldest part of the city, which looks almost the same as in 13th century, when it was founded. in the top of it, you may notice amazing Royal Castle, where former kings of Hungary were staying. Also, if you like sacral buildings, you are able to have in there a tour around Medieval, Gothic churches, renovated very well. Another attractions of this places are Baroque fountains, which are surrounding castle. Underneath this hill, you can take a tour into the labyrinth, opened for tourists to see after World War Two. It is a net of many long, very old caves.

When you are this type of tourist, who like to spend entire vacations on sightseeing in some beautiful, ancient city, Budapest is perfect for you. This capital of Hungary has very rich history, it could be noticed in it architecture. Also, you can have a tour around many Gothic churches from Medieval times. Nicest mode of transportation to there, is airplane. All because cheap airline companies, which are offering flights in very reasonable price.