Nice and long trip

Capital of Russia – great place to explore

Nowadays, when Polish people are more wealthy, and have an opportunity to book flights in cheap airline companies, it is harder for them to decide, where to go for holidays. If you already visited Paris and Barcelona, ride on a back of elephant in Thailand, and visiting your relatives in United states, you are probably having difficult time with planning. Although, have you ever consider to travel to Russia? This huge country has plenty of cities worth to be explored, so you should try some. You can start with the capital.  

How to get in there?

Maybe this connection is not as cheap as flight to Rome or London, but we shouldn’t be surprised with that. Cause Moscow is really far away on east and it is not so popular among Polish tourists, as those cities. The cheapest airline tickets are for 500 zlotych in both ways, so it is not very expensive. But to find great deals like that, you need to plan your trip very wise. First of all, decide about the date at least six months before the flight – thanks to that, lowest price will guaranteed. Especially when you like to spend summer vacations in this city, to enjoy nicest weather possible. Also, when you are going in there just for few days, you don’t need to pay for checked in baggage, cause carry on should fit any belongings needed in.
Monuments of Moscow

Capital of Russia is very fascinating city, so you won’t get bored in there, it is guaranteed. After you arrive in there, first thing you need ti see, is Red Square, popular spot in there, the meeting venue for tourists and citizens. in the middle of it, famous Saint Basil Cathedral was founded. This colorful Orthodox church, which is true signature of the city, is open for tourist to visit. Just remember to wear proper clothes in there. If you are an art lover, and you like to admire masterpieces of Russian painters, you need to see Tretyakov Gallery, the biggest exhibitions of local artists in entire country. If you like to go on a long, nostalgic walk, to visit tombs of famous Russian people, you should go to Vagankov Cemetery. it was founded in eighteenth century, and is one of the biggest objects like that in entire Europe.

Travelling to Moscow is very good idea, not only for art admirer, but for each person, who like to enjoy sightseeing in big metropolis. This capital is very interesting, in here European and Asian culture are meeting. If you don’t like to spend too much money on this trip, plan your flight ahead, to get plane tickets in reasonable price.