Nice and long trip

Cracow – not only for foreigners

Polish people are strange kind of tourists. A lot of them are traveling whole around the world, visiting distanced lands, when they have never been to most of Polish cities. If you are going to Warsaw or Wroclaw and checking-in a hostel, you can notice, that most of travelers in there are foreigners. The same is with Cracow, former capital of Poland, very popular among people from countries. If you have never been to this amazing place, you need to change it immediately. Luckily, you can travel in there for a song.

How to save some pocket money on this trip?

Because of the fact, that Cracow is in Poland, you don’t need to be worried about paying in foreign money, and your mobile internet access will be available everywhere. If you like to travel for a song, and you are living in bigger city, you should go there by a plane. Cause when you book your flights several months ahead, you can go there even for 50 zlotych in both ways. Try to pick less popular terms, like June or May, it will be also cheaper, not only on plane tickets, but also on accommodation. Speaking on witch, to get in in lower price possible, you should use hostel. Those in Cracow are most of the times situated very close to the old town, so you will be in the center of main tourist attractions – see this palce with www.lot.com.
Interesting spots in Cracow

This city is also great, because most of it monuments, are situated not so far away fromĀ  each other. In the main square, on the middle of it, you need to visit Sukiennice, former merchant place, founded in Renaissance period. Nowadays, you can find in there many souvenirs from the Cracow. Only couple dozens meters from it, St. mary’s Basilica was founded. This temple is great example of Gothic sacral architecture, also famous altar of Wit Stwosz were situated inside of it. Not more then 10 minutes walk you need to take to get from the main square to the hill of Wawel. In the top of it, Royal Castle were build, interesting example of Renaissance period in architecture. A lot of famous Polish people were buried in the area of local cemetery. If you like to taste some art, you can go to Czartoryski Museum, to observe authentic painting of Leonardo da Vinci – Lady with an Ermine.

As you may notice, Cracow is not worse then other popular capitals in Europe. That is why, if you have never been there, you need to change it as fast as possible. To get in there, from Warsaw or Wroclaw for example, you can book a flight in cheap airline carrier, it would be the cheapest and the most comfortable option.