Nice and long trip

Great holidays in Copenhagen

During summer time, most of the tourist are spending weeks in some tropical areas. Greece, Spain, south of France, sometimes Turkey. It is for them the best way to reload batteries for another month. But if you are not a fan of hot weather, and you better do some sightseeing in big, European metropolis, you should consider to visit Copenhagen. This capital of Denmark has a lot to offer to each type of tourist, no matter if you are young and travelling with kids, or you just like to spend honeymoon with your beloved one.

Plan a trip
Depending on in witch part of the Poland you are living, another mode of transportation will be better for you. If you are citizen of one of the resorts close to the Baltic sea, you can take a ferry directly to Copenhagen. It cost couple dozen zlotych for adult person, student discount is available. From other places, like Wroclaw for example, you need to ride for entire Poland to get to the sea. That is why, in that situation, the best option for you, will be to book flight to Copenhagen. Dozen years ago, when Polish people begin to migrate, chap airline companies opened a lot of interesting connections, also to Denmark. If you buy your plane tickets several months earlier, you will pay for it less then 100 zlotych – in both sides.
Capital of Denmark during the summer is one of the prettiest places in the Europe. Your tour around you should start with Gothic Cathedral, Rosklide. It was renovated several times, so you may chance to notice in there couple different architecture styles. It is main graveyard of royal family for many centuries. Also, you should visit magnificent, Baroque palaces – Amelieborg and Roseborg. second one is a summer residence of king of Denmark. If zou are fan of galleries, there are many interesting places like that. You can see an exhibition of Guinness award, of Vikings, Erotica and several more. Also, when you want to observe ocean life, go to Danmarks Akvarium, where many of different species of fishes and sharks are living. Also, outside the Copenhagen, you can enjoy true safari with African animals!

Scandinavia become more and more popular among Polish tourists, which are tired of more common parts of Europe. If you like to see some interesting capital from this region, you should go to Copenhagen. Thanks to cheap airline companies, you are able to get in there in very reasonable price. And there are many great monuments to explore – galleries, castles, graveyards and many more.