Nice and long trip

Great weekend in Poznan

Nowadays, a lot of Polish travelers have a lot more opportunities to travel then it was ten years ago. All because our membership in European Union opened borders for Polish workers, who start their career in many Western countries. Thanks to that, cheap airline companies opened their connections in here, so we are able to fly whole around the world for a penny. Also, we are able to use domestic flights, which are cheaper then ever before. If you like to spend some nice weekend in Polish city, Poznan will be very good call.

Travel in reasonable price
When you like to save some pocket money, you have couple options how to do so. First of all, you need to find good deal on flights. When you are planning your trip, you should book tickets at least couple weeks earlier, to make sure, you are getting the best price. You could travel to Poznan, in both ways, for less then 50 zlotych. Also, when you are heading on short trip, carry on baggage should be enough for you. It is free of charge, and you will be able to fit in there many belongings, even cosmetics – but remember to pack it into small, plastic bottles. Last thing is accommodation, if you like your trip to be very cheap, the best idea is to book room in hostel. Places like that are usually situated next to the main monuments. Also in there you will be able to met people from whole around the world. autumn-1548178_640

First of all, you need to have a tour around Caesarian Palace, astonishing monument founded in 1913 in New Romanesque style. It is open for tourists to see, so you can enjoy tour into old chambers with great interior design. Another nice spot in Poznan is city hall, of course. In the noon, two white somersaults, are jumping in there all around. This nice building was founded in to Renaissance era, and it is great example of this art movement. If the weather is good, you can take a walk into Wilson’s Park. In there, you will find amazing palm house, with many various plants from whole around the world.  If you are fan of sacral architecture, you will just love Basilica of St. Paul and St. Peter. it is nice example of Gothic architecture, but it was rebuild after World War Two, cause during it, building was totally destroyed.

Poznan is very interesting place with plenty of great tourist attractions – more. If you never been in there, and you are interested into some domestic flight, it is perfect idea for you. To travel for a penny, you need to book tickets several weeks ahead, also it is good to stay at hostel.