Nice and long trip

Hamburg in summer time

In the beginning of the year, when we are getting tired of short, cold days, we start to dream about future summer holidays. Then, weather will be lovely and we will have a lot more energy for sightseeing. If you are thinking about destinations, you have a lot of options. You can travel to some tropical island or sea resort, where you will be able to lay on a beach and do nothing. But if you better like to spend vacations in more active way, you can visit one of European metropolis, like Hamburg for example. This amazing place, has a lot to offer to each type of tourist.

Prepare for your trip
Since couple of various airline carriers are available in Poland, we can afford to travel wherever we like, using an airplane. Also, if you like to get to Hamburg very fast, cheap, and with comfort of a trip, booking flights is the best thing to do. If you start to plan summer several month ahead, you will be able to travel in both ways for less then 100 zlotych. But if you better like to be spontaneous, choose low season for the trip. In June and September, tickets and accommodation can be even two times cheaper. Another thing is your luggage. If you like to spare even more pocket money, do not take checked in baggage, cause it is not free of charge. Carry on should be enough.
During many centuries, Hamburg use to be main merchant district in this part of Europe. Thanks to that, it was inhabited by many important burghers families. It could be noticed in many amazing examples of secular buildings. At the river side, you will be able to admire old, Gothic buildings, which use to be garners. Now, renovated very well, are one of the fewer non-sacral buildings in Europe made of stone. If you are travelling with kids, you will be happy to visit Heide Park, the biggest amusement park in entire Germany. A lot of various roller coasters, big wheels and carousels are waiting for you in there. Also, in Hamburg you can visit example of Dungeon, popular in entire world type of activity. It is type of torture exhibition, in there you may feel like some convicted, who were kept in the deepest dungeons in Middle Ages.

You don’t need to go to the seashore to have very pleasant vacations. Even holidays in a city could be fun, if you do some sightseeing. Especially if you decide to explore Hamburg, very interesting city in Germany. It has any types of monuments, therefore each sort of tourist will enjoy holidays in there. If you like to travel there for a penny, choose airline companies.