Nice and long trip

Holidays in Netherlands

At the beginning of spring, when first sunny days are coming, we start to thinking about summer vacations. We are tired of short, cold months of winter, and we like to reload our batteries. It is also early enough to find some good option for holidays, cause plenty of trips in travel agencies are available. But nowadays, many of young people, better like to plan vacation by themselves, organizing the road, finding accommodation. if you are looking for some inspiration, you should consider to visit Netherlands.

Plan a trip
This beautiful country is situated very far away from Poland. If you decide to go there by car or bus, you will spend entire day on the road. Another option is train. It is only slightly faster, but during the trip you will be able to take a walk and stretch your legs. Fortunately, since Poland is member of EU, and a lot of people are working in Netherlands, small airline companies opened many various connections between our country and Amsterdam for example. If you book your flight several months before the trip, you will have the cheapest price guaranteed.  If you like to save even more pocket money, you should think about luggage. Checked in is bigger, but you need to pay extra for it. On the other hand, carry on will be all right just for one week and it is free of charge.
Even though Netherlands are not very big country, you will find in there many different monuments worth to bee visited. First of all, you should start with Amsterdam. This capital is one of the most popular tourist destination on the entire world. You will find in there Ann Frank’s House, where this little girl were  hiding during Nazi’s occupation. if you are art lover, you should go to Rijksmuseum, where you will be able to see masterpieces of the best Netherlands painters, like van Delft, Rembrandt or Eyck.  You should also reserve several days for trip outside the city. In the beginning of the summer, in the villages, many of tulips are blossoming on fields, situated next to the mills, very common in this country. This landscape is breathtaking.

Netherlands is amazing country, where each type of tourist will something for himself. Nice art galleries, interesting museum, amazing landscapes. Don’t spend your entire trip just in Amsterdam, take a trip to the village, it is very nice during the summer. The cheapest, fastest and the most comfortable mode of transportation to Netherlands, is plane for sure. You should book your flight several months earlier.