Nice and long trip

Holidays of your life time in Hungary

Since Poland become member of European Union, we are able to use offers of cheap airline companies. Thanks to that, a lot of people are travelling whole around the Europe for a penny. Times, when the only one alternative for vacations for poorer family was some lake in the middle of Poland, re over. Nowadays, we sometimes have difficult time to decide where to go – we have so many options available. If you like to have less ordinary vacations and have a great time, you should visit Hungary. This great city is not only about it capital, but it has many other areas, worth to be explored.

Thermal sources

This part of Europe in which Hungary is situated, are famous because of it thermal sources. Almost each city in this country own something like that, which is one of the biggest tourist attraction in this place. In the southern part of the country, we can visit Mako, city which is called the capital of onion. But not only because of this vegetable this place is famous, also thanks to huge recreational-medical center. In here you can enjoy plenty of different procedures, which will help you to stay in shape. Another nice city, situated close to the Romanian border, is Gyula. This is true capital of culture and entertainment. In the middle of it, huge Medieval caste is standing, on which a lot of concerts and festivals are taking place.chapel-1627095_640


When you are on a tour trough the Hungary, you need to step inside the Budapest, surely. If you are looking for great spot for long, romantic walk after dark, you need to climb at the top of Castle Hill. In there, you will be able to admire great architecture pieces, from each period of time. All because of Hungarian overlords, which were founding their residences in there. Another nice place for couples in love, is Margaret’s Island. This charming area, filled with green spots, benches and fountains, is favorite spot of Hungarian citizens for first date. Because of Danube river, which is passing Budapest by, you will notice in there plenty of phenomenal bridges, which will lead you from one district to another.

If you are need an inspiration for future holiday, you should consider to go on a tour around Hungary. This amazing country is not only about capital, cause it has many of different towns, worth to be visited. If you have some sort of health problems, or you just like to enjoy some thermal sources, you can visit Mako, city with big complex like that. Also, for some interesting summer festival, you can travel to Gyula.