Nice and long trip

Have a holidays of your lifetime in Tokyo

During entire winter, when we are suffering of short, cold days and we longing for warmer air outside, we are thinking about future holidays. It is not such a bad idea, cause if we plan our holidays several months ahead, we will be able to travel to very distant country, without spending a fortune. Do you ever been in Japan? If not, you should consider to go for a trip to it capital, Tokyo. This is very amazing place, where oriental culture meets with urban style.

Prepare for a trip
Before you decide to take leave at work, you need to pick correct date to travel to Tokyo. Depending on on the weather you prefer, another option will be the best. If you like to be present in time of cherry’s flower blossoming, you better go there at the beginning of spring. This is amazing view, no wonder that this flower is a symbol of Japan. If you prefer hotter weather, like summer in Poland, July and August will be the best. But be prepared, that in Tokyo it is raining more, it is an island after all. You don’t need any type of visa to go in there, but only if you are planning to travel, only passport is necessary. If you book plane tickets for July in September, you will get the nicest price possible. The best option is to travel directly from Berlin.
In Tokyo, you will be able to explore totally different kind of architecture, unusual in Europe. To do so, you need to go to Ueno Park. Japan citizens just love areas of green, and this one is on of the favorites. You will find in there not only a lot of cherry’s tree, but also interesting ancient temples and even art gallery. On the other hand, in financial center of this city, you will be able to face true urban jungle. Tall skyscrapers, streets full of cars, many people on the sidewalks. It could be very daunting at first, but it is amazing experience for sure. Also, In Tokyo, you will be able to take a tour around Emperor’s Palace, head quarter of royal family. Entire area, with smaller and bigger buildings, green places and temple, is bigger then Central Park in NY.

If you don’t like to spend another holidays in Europe, and you want to explore some oriental country, you need to visit Tokyo. If you buy air ticket several months before a trip, you will get the best price possible. Japan is the best in spring and summer, but sometimes it is raining in there.  The capital is a place, where two various worlds are meeting – ancient and urban one. Because of that, you can see in there interesting temples and tall skyscrapers.