Nice and long trip

Holidays in London? Why not!

When spring is coming, a lot of us begin to organizing future vacations. We are tired after many months of cold, winter days, and we need to reload our batteries for autumn. Nowadays, people in Poland have many various tourists destinations to choose, all because cheap airline companies. If you getting hard time to decide, where to spend your vacations, maybe you consider less conventional, but also fine option. Go to London, capital of the Great Britain, one of the most popular European cities.

Mode of transportation
Since Poland is member of European Union, and many Polish people are working in England, air connections to London are in very reasonable price. But if you like to get the best deal, you should book your flight several months before your journey. In that case, you will be able to get ticket for less then 100 zlotych – in both ways! But still, plenty of people are afraid to use a plane. If you are one of those, there are another options for you. Because of La Manche Channel, which is connecting France with London, you are able to get to London, not only by plane or ship, but also using car, train, or bus. Of course, this option will took you almost two days, but you will have a chance to have a tour around Europe.
It is hard to observe all interesting monuments in London, spending in there just one week. Therefore, you should start with the best ones. Go on a tour to the center, and observe Westminster Palace, headquarter of British parliament. This amazing building, founded in second half of ninetieth century, is amazing example of New Gothic architecture. At the north end of this complex, Big Ben, signature of London, is standing. Not very far away from this building, you can visit another interesting monument, the Tower. This former jail, founded in eleventh century, use to be a prison for important convicts – even Mary of Stuart were kept in there. if you like to have fun, don’t miss madam Tussaud gallery of wax figures. It is first and the most popular place like that in entire world. You will be able to take a picture with doppelgangers of famous people in there.

If you are admirer of active holidays, and you like to do some sightseeing, you should visit London. The best mode of transportation will be airplane, but if you are afraid of flying, you can go by car or train – using La Manche Channel. You won’t get bored in this city, cause it has plenty interesting tourist attractions. Everyone will find something for themselves.