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Lviv – fallowing footsteps of forefathers

Poland, because of it location on European maps, use to have very rich full history, which started in early Middle Ages. Since then, borders of our country were modified several ways, not only because of wars, but also personal unions with another countries. Because of that nowadays, many of our neighbors  own cities, which use to be part of Poland. Very good example is Lviv, which became part of Ukraine after World War Two. If you like, you can go for summer holidays to this magical town, to fallow the footsteps of our forefathers.

Choose mode of transportation
For many years, if anyone like to travel to Lviv from western Poland, was forced to spend on this travel almost entire day. Cause trip by car or bus, from Wroclaw for example, were leading trough entire width of our country. Also, it was possible to take a train, but without student disscount, journey this kind was far too expensive ( Fortunately, several years ago, cheap airline companies opened connections from big, Polish cities to Lviv. Nowadays, you can get in there within two hours, which is very fast and comfortable. Also, if you book tickets several weeks ahead, you can get very good price of a ticket.

Lviv is not maybe as beautiful as western capitals, but this city has sophisticated spirit, which could be noticed in it architecture. It owns many amazing buildings from each art movements, but a lot of them are ruined, cause city don’t have enough money for renovation. Even so, you can see plenty of nice things in there. If you like churches, you won’t get bored in there. Lviv has many interesting temples, not only Catholic, but also Orthodox ones. One of the finest, is St. George’s Cathedral, amazing example of temple, founded in Classicism movement. If you better like some less ordinary tourist attractions, you should visit Museum of Pharmacy. This interesting exhibition, is exact replica of apothecary from the end of ninetieth century. You will find in there authentic furniture, original prescriptions, photographs, wardrobe of pharmacy stuff and many more.

When you better like to spend your summer holiday on sightseeing then lying on a beach entire day, you should visit Lviv. This charming city, which use to be part of Poland, has a lot of attractions to offer. You can see in there majestic churches, old buildings and great exhibitions. if you are travelling from western Poland, you should book plane tickets in one of many airline companies available.