Nice and long trip

New York – perfect for holidays

When spring is coming, a lot of us start to think about future holidays. We are checking out various options, hoping to choose the best location possible. But if you are doing such plans several months ahead, you may consider to go for a trip of your lifetime, to United States. This country is more available then you may consider, cause very often plane tickets are on sale. If you like to travel in the most economical way, you should choose New York as your destination point.

Prepare for your journey
Even when Poland is member of EU, Polish citizens still need to has tourist visa to get to United States. Therefore, if you like to spend holidays in New York, you need to plan it at least six months earlier. Cause to get visa, you need to go in person to embassy in Cracow or Warsaw, and fill up a lot of forms.   Also, you need to have passport, cause ID wouldn’t be enough. But thanks to all those preparations, you will have a lot more time to find airline tickets to New York in very reasonable price. Flights from Warsaw can cost even 100 zlotych in both ways. When you are about to enter United States, you need to remember about limitations. It is strictly forbidden to bring in there any type of food, excluding those bought on duty free zone.
New York is one of the most desirable cities in entire world. Nothing surprising in that, cause plenty of iconic films and TV series took place in there. Your trip you should start in Empire State Building – this amazing skyscraper, founded in early thirties, is one of the signatures of NYC. You can take an elevator to the top of it, an appreciate breathtaking panorama. Also, you should take a tour to Statue of Liberty – maybe it is not as tall as skyscrapers, even those older ones, but it is iconic.  If you like to spend pleasant day in some green area, you should go for a picnic to Central Park. It is very huge object, situated in the center of Manhattan. It is also very popular meeting point for citizens. If you are admirer of art, you should visit Metropolitan Museum. In there you will be able to see many masterpieces of the best painters from Europe and USA.

If you have never been to United States, you need to change it right away. Especially since airline tickets to New York are in very reasonable price. But remember, you need to plan this trip several months ahead, cause to cross American border, you have to have special visa. And sightseeing in Big Apple is a lot of fan – skyscrapers, green areas, art – this city has it all.