Nice and long trip

Vacation in Berlin? Why not!

When spring is coming, we start to think about future vacations. Nothing surprising in that, cause after long, cold winter, we like to recharge our batteries for the autumn. Depending on your preferences, another type of travel will be the best for you. If your idea of perfect week is to lay on a beach […]

Nice and long trip

Holidays of your life time in Hungary

Since Poland become member of European Union, we are able to use offers of cheap airline companies. Thanks to that, a lot of people are travelling whole around the Europe for a penny. Times, when the only one alternative for vacations for poorer family was some lake in the middle of Poland, re over. Nowadays, […]

Nice and long trip

Vilnus Fallowing footsteps of forefathers

Poland has very interesting history, which started in the early Medieval times. Since then, borders of it were constantly changing, because of many wars and unions with another countries. Last time when situation like that took place, were at the end of War World II. Nowadays, many interesting cities, which use to be part of […]

Nice and long trip

Cracow – not only for foreigners

Polish people are strange kind of tourists. A lot of them are traveling whole around the world, visiting distanced lands, when they have never been to most of Polish cities. If you are going to Warsaw or Wroclaw and checking-in a hostel, you can notice, that most of travelers in there are foreigners. The same […]