Nice and long trip

Airplane – the best mode of transportation

When spring is coming, many of us begin to wondering about future vacations. Nothing surprising in that, cause after long and cold winter, like to reload our batteries in some place warm. Nowadays, Polish travelers have a lot more options to travel available, then twenty years ago. Every year, millions of us are visiting lands […]

Nice and long trip

Have a trip of your lifetime in Paris

When the winter is over, we start to thinking about summer holidays. Nothing surprising in that, cause after many cold days of snow, we would like to spend some sunny week in some place nice. Depending on our preferences, another destination will be the best. If you like to spend entire day on a beach, […]

Nice and long trip

Great weekend in Poznan

Nowadays, a lot of Polish travelers have a lot more opportunities to travel then it was ten years ago. All because our membership in European Union opened borders for Polish workers, who start their career in many Western countries. Thanks to that, cheap airline companies opened their connections in here, so we are able to […]