Nice and long trip

Nice holidays in Brussels

In Polish tourism business a lot of things had changed, since Poland become member of European Union. First of all, thanks to that plenty of people were able to start working in different countries. That is why, cheap airline companies start to create more a more connections from Poland to England, Scotland or Netherlands. Since then, cities that were totally strange for us, now become more available and very popular among Polish tourists. Great example is Brussels, the capital of Belgium, in where you are able to spend holidays of your lifetime.

Prepare for trip
If you are planning to go there during hot spot, like in July for example, you better book your flights several months ahead. Cause this month is the most popular, therefore prizes of plane and accommodation would be very expensive on a last call. But remember, Brussels is very nice also in late spring – in June, when days are long and sunny, and you have bigger comfort of a holidays, because of fewer travelers on the street. If you are planning just one week trip you should think about luggage. In most of carriers, carry on bag is in a medium size, so you will be able to fit in there many of clothes and even cosmetics. This option is free of charge, so your airline ticket will be even cheaper.
If you choose holidays in Brussells during spring or summer, in the main square of it, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking view – entire square is covered with colorful flowers! If you like to observe Catholics temples, you should go to St. Michael’s Cathedral. This Gothic structure with elements of Baroque style is one of the biggest churches in entire Belgium. Royal Greenhouses in Laeken is another spot worth to be visited, while holidays in Brussels. This phenomenal area of green is a home for many hundreds of various plants, from whole around the world. It is perfect space to take a walk during warm, spring day. If you are interested in some exhibitions, you can go to the Train World, one of the biggest railway galleries in entire.

For all the people, who like to see some beautiful, European capital in western Europe, Brussels will be just perfect. You can get in there fast, cheap and very comfortable, using airline connections. If you don’t like big crowd on the streets, you need to go for your vacations in June or May – the weather is also fine, and airline tickets and accommodation will be far cheaper. Also, during spring, you will be able to watch in there festival of flowers.