Organize a travel by plane
Nice and long trip

Organize a travel by plane

During the last decade prices of airline tickets were very low, that is why plenty of people get opportunity to try this mode of transportation. They were visiting their relatives or friends abroad, or just going for a vacations. However, still many people never use plane before, if you are person like that these are couple of rules you should fallow during first time.

Get nice deal on flights

If you are planning your trip by yourself, you can spare a lot of money if you only know how to book a ticket. If you are going for a distant trip, remember to choose proper airport. Fir example, you may find direct flight polish airlines from Warsaw to New York, but if you departure from Berlin or Prague it may be even two times cheaper. Plenty of cheap airline companies are offering connections to both of those cities, so you shouldn’t have a problem with reaching it. You may also seek for the last minute options, but it may be a bit risky.

How to pack properly?

Depending on a length of your journey, another baggage will be proper for you. If you are going for a one week trip, the carry on option should be all right. it is a medium size valise, so you will fit plenty of items inside. However, you need to remember, that this bag is going  on board with you, so plenty of items are forbidden. If you want to take some cosmetics it is fine, but each in form of a liquid have to be poured into the small, plastic bottle. You can have ten bottles tops, in size of a 100 ml each. It all need to be gathered into one transparent bag. Also any items with sharp edge are forbidden, like scissors or knifes, security guard will take it away from you, so you better leave that in your house. If you like to take any sport equipment, like scuba diving bottle for example, you have to register special kind of baggage.

Prepare for the flight

If you are going for intercontinental flight, which will take dozen hours, you have to prepare very well. Cause if you spend this much hours in a one, sitting position, some dangerous cloths in the veins may appears. To avoid this situation, remember to take a longer walk or even jogging, just before the flight. Thanks to that you blood circulation will speed up. Also, while being on board you need to get up and take a walk, one in every three hours. It may be even short walk to the bathroom. And before the flight you need to be prepared for boredom. That is why take some book or magazine. Even computer with movies is all right, but remember to turn on the airplane mode.