Nice and long trip

Plan vacations of your lifetime

The beginning of the year, a lot of people are starting to make vacation planning. Nothing surprising in that, cause during short, cold days in winter, we are not in very good mood, and we are dreaming about distant, tropical lands. That is why, it is very important to think this trough, to have a […]

Nice and long trip

Summer trip to Amsterdam

When we are planning our future holidays, sometimes it is very difficult thing for us. Cause nowadays, since Poland is member of EU, and cheap airline companies are available in here, we have many options to choose. Depending of sort of activity we prefer, another location will be nicer. For admirers of wonderful weather ans […]

Nice and long trip

Hamburg in summer time

In the beginning of the year, when we are getting tired of short, cold days, we start to dream about future summer holidays. Then, weather will be lovely and we will have a lot more energy for sightseeing. If you are thinking about destinations, you have a lot of options. You can travel to some […]

Nice and long trip

Nice holidays in Brussels

In Polish tourism business a lot of things had changed, since Poland become member of European Union. First of all, thanks to that plenty of people were able to start working in different countries. That is why, cheap airline companies start to create more a more connections from Poland to England, Scotland or Netherlands. Since […]