Nice and long trip

Plan vacations of your lifetime

The beginning of the year, a lot of people are starting to make vacation planning. Nothing surprising in that, cause during short, cold days in winter, we are not in very good mood, and we are dreaming about distant, tropical lands. That is why, it is very important to think this trough, to have a chance to spend holidays of your lifetime. Budget, location, company to travel with, work leave, passport etc. We have plenty of things to do before we make a decision. That is why, the earlier you will start to do vacation planning, the final result will be nicest.

First of all, we need to decide where we like to travel. Since Poland become member of EU, we have opportunity to buy airline tickets for a penny. All thanks to small airline companies, which opened their connections from Poland almost dozen year ago. If you like to reload your batteries on the sun and swim in the sea a lot, you should go to some tropical location. In Greece, you will be able to do some sightseeing and to lay on a sand all day. Athens, Corfu, or maybe Crete? It is up to you (see more). On the other hand, if you don’t like too much heat, maybe you consider to visit Scandinavia? This part of Europe is wonderful during the summer – it is not very hot, but is warm enough to make your sightseeing very pleasant.
Pick a date
This is another important decision to make during your vacation planning. If you are going to some tropical place, where hot weather is very common, you should consider to travel in time of low season. May, June and September, in Greece for example, are much more pleasant for us, cause Polish people are not accustomed to heat like that in July. Also, prices of flight tickets and accommodation, booked even on last call, could be even two times lower then in hot season. Beside, it will be much easier to you to get leave at work, cause less co-workers will be interested in that term. On the other hand, if you are traveling to different climate zone, like to Israel for example, early spring – March and April are the best. In summer temperature is more then 50 degree, and during the winter, it is raining all the time.

Vacation planning could be very stressful, especially when we are doing it on a last call. That is why, if you like to have holidays of your lifetime, you better start to organize it in the beginning of the year. Thanks to that, short winter days will pass by much more pleasant, when you will be waiting for your trip. The most important is to choose destination and term, accurate for your needs.