Nice and long trip

Summer holidays in Spain

Europe is very interesting continent with plenty of amazing destinations to explore. After we joined the EY, we get a chance to travel whole around Europe without any passport, also using a cheap airline companies offers. That is why if you are looking for any desirable location, you may go to the Spain, the country filled with great spots.


Even if it is not the capital, Barcelona is the most popular place in the country. Nothing surprising in that, cause architecture in there is amazing! Plenty of local buildings were constructed by brilliant architect Antoni Gaudi. The best example of his work is Sagrada Familia cathedral, still, after more than a century, not finished. Next important work of Gaudi is Casa Milla, sophisticated mansions in the center of Barcelona. It is in a shape of a sea waves, with extraordinary decoration on external walls. Even the longest street in entire Spain, Las Ramblas is decorated by art work of Gaudi. If you are more into the classical architecture you can visit the Saint Eulalia Cathedral, amazing, Gothic building from the medieval times – see more.


You cannot visit this country without exploring it capital. Madrid is also filled with interesting architecture, but more classical than in Barcelona. One of the most spectacular monuments is a Temple of Debod, remains of an ancient Egyptian church, transferred to Spain couple of centuries ago. It is amazing especially during the night, entire object is lighten very well. If you like also see some catholic temple, go for a trip to the┬áDescalzas Reales, old cloister of nuns. It is very interesting, Baroque building, with amazing interior design. Or maybe you wish to see some nice piece of art? In that case don’t forget about Prado Museum, it is one of the biggest art galleries in entire world.


If you prefer to visit Spain during the colder months you may go to the Seville, situated in Andalusia, in southern part of a country. It is filled with amazing architecture, also from the times of Arabic domination. Probably the main monument in there if Royal Alcazar, former residence of Muslim overlords. It was reconstructed several times by Catholic people, nowadays it is fine example of mudejar style. Next extraordinary palace is Casa de Pilatos, with great, big patio in the center. You can explore most of this area, interesting interior design is waiting inside. And if you are travelling with kids go to the local Aquarium, filled with nice sea animals.