Nice and long trip

Summer trip to Amsterdam

When we are planning our future holidays, sometimes it is very difficult thing for us. Cause nowadays, since Poland is member of EU, and cheap airline companies are available in here, we have many options to choose. Depending of sort of activity we prefer, another location will be nicer. For admirers of wonderful weather ans swimming in a sea, the best will be Spain or south of France. If you like to climb in the mountains in summer, you can visit Switzerland. And for all of us, who like to spend holidays in big, European capital, great option will be Amsterdam.

How to get there?
Because this country is far away from Poland, journey by var or a bus could take a while. But even so, a lot of private carriers are offering cruises like that for couple hundred Zlotych. Also, you can take a train, it is more convenient option, cause you are able to take a walk in that, but it could be very expensive if you don’t have a student discount. The fastest option will be to book a plane, and get to Amsterdam within several hours. Also, this option could be very cheap, if you just plane this trip several months earlier. For example, if you are planning vacations in July, you better buy airline tickets in February.
Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destination in entire Europe. All because the diversity of monuments in there – cause everyone will find here something for themselves. If you are interested in World War Two, you need to visit Ann Frank’s House. In here, this little girl, famous for her diary, were hiding with her entire family for couple years, during Nazi’s occupation. You will find in there many manuscripts of her work, family photos, clothes and other belongings. If you are an art lover, you should go to Rijksmuseum. This worldwide famous gallery, gather exhibitions of many famous painters, not only Netherlands, but also those from another places. Rubens, Rembrands, Velazquez or Magritte – it is just a preview. If you are looking for less ordinary experiences, you should go to the District of Red Lanterns. In there, you can see half naked women behind a glass, which are offering their services for tourists.

Amsterdam is very interesting place, no wonder that so each year, million of tourist from all around the world are visiting it. Architecture, art, history, controversial districts – it is just part of attractions, that you can find in there. To get in there from Poland, very fast and in reasonable price, try to book airline tickets.