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Summer vacations in Wroclaw

Tourist from Poland, since this country become member of European Union, has many various option for summer holidays. All because cheap airline companies, which opened their connections from there. Paris, Barcelona or maybe Athens – sometimes it is hard to decide? But if you are planning future trip, maybe instead sightseeing in some western, European metropolis, you will try to visit some beautiful, Polish city? Like Wroclaw for example, place with very rich full history, which you may notice in the entire area.

How to get there?
Because of good train infrastructure, you can get to Wroclaw almost from each part of the country. Unfortunately, this mode of transportation could be too expensive for you, without student discount. Also, you may use your car, or bus of private and state carriers but because of lack of highways in Poland, it could take a while. But if you plan your trip several months ahead, you can get to Wroclaw in very fast, comfortable and cheap way. All because small airline companies, which are also offering domestic flights. The journey took like half an hour, and it could cost like 50 zlotych in both ways.
If you are in Wroclaw, your first destination should be Ostrow Tumski. This is the oldest part of the city, which were founded from the beginning, after huge war with Mongolian Empire. You will find in there many lovely buildings, and astonishing, medieval Cathedral. Another step you should take is to old town, with it central square. In the old city hall, which were founded in there, you can observe the oldest watch in the entire world. Also, Piwnica Swidnicka, restaurant situated in there, is first place like that in Europe, which is open nowadays. Wroclaw is also city with very rich full night life. In the Niepolda Pasage, you can find many of pubs and bars, open 24/7, during entire week. You are traveling with children? Visit zoologist garden. After many renovations, it is one of the largest objects like that in this part of Europe. Very close to the garden, Cenntenial Hall was founded. This astonishing building is great example of Modernism architecture in Wroclaw.

If you are looking for great place to visit for summer holidays, situated in Poland, Wroclaw would b e the best for you. It is great for each type of tourist – younger, older, families with children and couples in love. To get in there the fastest, and in the most comfortable way, you can book a domestic flight in cheap airline company.