London City
Nice and long trip

The best attractions in London

United Kingdom become very popular among Polish citizens, after they were able to get a legal employment in this country. London is inhabited by many thousands of Poles, but a lot of themes are also visiting it as tourists. If you are planning a short trip to the capital of England you will have to decide, which attractions you wish better see, cause there are plenty!


LondonCapital of UK is very old city, therefore it is filled with interesting architecture from many styles. One of the most popular spot in there is Westminster Palace, the headquarter of British parliament. This building was finished in eighteenth century, the previous Palace was destroyed in the fire. Westminster is amazing example of Gothic Revival architecture. One of it towers is a home of a Big Ben, huge clock, the signature of London. At the same area you will find a Westminster Abby, with amazing, Gothic Cathedral, where all the former kings were coroneted. If you like to see another, great piece of medieval architecture you should take a tour to The Tower, fortress from tenth century, former jail of royal prisoners.


As a big capital city, London has many of different galleries and exhibitions on it area. One of the most famous is Madame Tussaud gallery of wax figures. Visit in this place is amazing experience. Museum is filled with famous people made out of wax: actors, singers, bands and even politics. While being in this city you need to also visit Museum of Natural History, one of the biggest objects like that in entire Europe. You will find there many species of dinosaurs, in their real size. People who like to see interesting paintings of English artist shouldn’t miss National Museum. This object is filled of paintings of Gainsborough, Turner, Rossetti, Blake and many more. For international art you better watch Tate Gallery, with exhibition of Picasso, Monet, Dali, Modigliani and more.


People who are visiting London during spring or summer have plenty of open air attractions to explore. One of the finest is zoological garden, historical place, with thousands of exotic spices of animals. It is the biggest object like that in this part of Europe. For a picnic on a grass and contact with nature, choose Kensington Garden. Inside you can admire interesting street furniture, mostly from nineteenth century. If you like to take a trip on a Big Wheel, you should go to James Park. From top of the object you will see great panorama of city.