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The best destinations in Spain

During the summer holidays Polish travelers prefer to go some nice and warm destinations, situated in the southern part of Europe. One of the most popular countries is Spain for sure. If you are planning to visit this beautiful land, you need to decide, which city will be the most proper for you, and the decision will be very difficult for sure.


BarcelonaThis is one of the finest metropolis in the entire continent, and probably even world. This is all thanks to it extraordinary architecture, designed by amazing Antonio Gaudi. The true signature of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia cathedral, was the last masterpiece of his. It is amazing mix of Gothic and Catalan style, but unfortunately the building is still unfinished. Another nice piece of art is Casa Mills, also designed by Gaudi. It is charming mansion, in shape of waves, with beautiful shells on it external walls. Even the most popular street in the Spain, Las Ramblas, was embellished by Gaudi, he used sea food shells, bones and colourful stones for that. The big value of Barcelona is it position by the sea, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to go to the nearest beach.


Another amazing place to visit in Spain it is capital, Madrid. Even if it is situated in the center of country, far away from the seashore, each year millions of travelers are visiting it. One of the finest attraction of the city is Prado Museum, one of the biggest exhibition of western artists. You will find in there plenty of interesting masterpieces by Picasso, Velazquez, Rubens, Rembrandt and a lot more. Madrid is also filled of interesting architecture, it is a capital after all! Probably the most monumental building in the city is the Royal Castle, residence of the family of Bourbons. It is beautiful, Classical building with amazing interior designed, you can take a tour thought part of it chambers. If you like to rest on the sun, in some nice, quit place, go to the Retiro Park. It is popular meeting place for citizens.


If you like to go to the really warm, exotic destination in Spain, do not miss a trip to Sevilla, situated in the southern area. It used to be main residence of Muslims during medieval times, so you will find in there amazing architecture. First of all you should visit the Alkazar, former residence of Arabic overlords, fine example of Mauritanian architecture. The most charming part of it is the garden, situated in the central point of the building. In Sevilla you will find the biggest, Gothic church in Spain, the Saint Mary cathedral.