Nice and long trip

Tour around the Hungary in summer

If you like to have an amazing holiday trip during which you will change locations day after day, you could use option of city break. In that situation, instead of whole week in one city, you are visiting couple others, but only for short period of times. Or maybe you better like to explore entire country? Europe is beautiful continent, with many interesting countries, and Hungary is one of it. If you like to have holidays of your life time, you should consider this location, which is not only about Budapest, as you probably are thinking.

Mode of transportation
To do something like that, at first you have to pick the vehicle. A lot of young people are preferring hitch hacking. This option is almost free of charge, cause most of drivers won’t take money from us. Unfortunately, sometimes it could be dangerous, cause you never know who is the person which is giving you a ride. Another, more safe and expensive option, is to take a train. Railway tracks are in very good shape in Hungary, but if you don’t have a student discount, this mode could be to expensive for yo. If you gather more enthusiast like you, you can rent a car with them and split on four costs of fuel. But you better find good driver, cause journey from Poland to Hungary is taking about nine hours.
Tour around
Even though Budapest is the only city known for most of Polish people in there,  Hungary is not only about that. In the northern part of country, you will find many great thermal sources and SPA centers situated on that. In places like that, you will be able to relax, get a lot of interesting procedures and massages, take some facials. Healthy salons  in Hungary are not as costly as in Poland, so you shouldn’t get bankrupt. Also, you should step to some smaller villages, to eat delicious, national meals in regional restaurant – you won’t find place like that in the capital. Speaking of witch, you need to step inside the Budapest also. Take a walk on Castle Hill to admire amazing architecture, relax in Margarita park, drive trough the bridges at night – they are illuminated nicely.

If you like to be on the road all the time, Hungary is very good spot for your holidays. It is not very big, so you will be able to drive it back and forth during one week. Try some thermal sources, get a massage, eat tasty meal in the village, and don’t forget to visit Budapest. The safest option is to take your own car, it won’t be very expensive, if you will travel with some friends.