Nice and long trip

Travel by plane for a penny

When spring is coming, plenty of us start to thinking about vacations. Nothing weirs in that, cause after long, cold winter, we would like to reload our batteries in some place warm. Since Poland is member of European Union, a lot of things had change in here, also in travel branch. Cause when Polish people begin to work abroad, cheap airline companies start to open their connections to and from our country. Therefore, if you like to visit another place, the best option is to use plane as your mode of transportation.

Look for nice deal
When we like to travelling by plane for a song, we need to be aware, how and where look for greatest deals. Fortunately, nowadays we can find many various web pages online, which are gathering the best offers from many airline carriers. But if you want to find nicest offer, you should start to look for it several months before due date. In that case, price could be even three times lower! Also, you can book flights on the last call, using last minute option. Airline companies are offering unsold tickets two days before due date.

Depending on number of days you like to spend on your holidays, another type of bag will be the best. But if you are going only for one week, you should use carry on baggage, which is free of charge. In most of carriers, it is in size of medium valise. Therefore, you will be able to fit in there many different belongings, including cosmetics. By while travelling by plane, you need to remember, that any type of liquids you like to take on board, need to be packed into small, plastic bottles, and collected into transparent bag. During your security check, you have to show it to the person which is investigating you.
Additional information
According of your destination, you need to know couple different things. For example, if you like to enter United States or Canada, it is strictly forbidden to have into your bag any type of food, even in your checked in baggage. But when you travel within European Union, you don’t need to be worry about stuff like that. But into your carry on, you can only bring meals in original package, not those prepared on your own, cause it may contain hazardous materials.

Travelling by plane is very nice alternative for bus, car or train. It is very comfortable and much faster, also it could be very cheap, if you know how to look for a tickets. Remember, before you go to the airport, pack your baggage very carefully, especially carry on, because if it will contain any hazardous materials, security will take it away from you.