Nice and long trip

Have a trip of your lifetime in Paris

When the winter is over, we start to thinking about summer holidays. Nothing surprising in that, cause after many cold days of snow, we would like to spend some sunny week in some place nice. Depending on our preferences, another destination will be the best. If you like to spend entire day on a beach, swimming in a sea and getting tan, you should choose any tropical area, like Turkey or Tunis. On the other hand, if you prefer active holidays with plenty of sightseeing, go to any European metropolis. One of the most popular destination is Paris.

The capital of France is known among American travelers as the capital of Europe. Nothing surprising in that, cause this city has it all. If you are an admirer of art, you can visit many various art galleries. The most popular is Louvre, with famous Mona Lisa in it. But shorter queue you will met in d’Orsay, in where we can observe pieces of van Gogh, Cezanne and many impressionists. While visiting Paris, you cannot miss Eiffel Tower, the signature of this place. You can go up there by elevator or climb by stairs. At the second floor, you will be able to grab a beer while enjoying amazing panorama over the city. Another interesting area in there is Montmartre, former artistic district. It is situated on the hill, on which top famous Basilica of Sacred Heart was founded.
Prepare for the trip
From Poland, you have many various modes of transportation available to Paris, but the most common is plane. Nothing surprising in that, cause it is the fastest and the most comfortable way. Also it could be the cheapest, if you plan your trip ahead. Plane tickets can be found in very reasonable price, but you need to book it several month earlier. The cheapest option start from 70 zlotych in both ways (see this site: http://www.lot.com/gb/en/). If you like your trip to be even less costly, think about luggage. Carry on is free of charge, and in most of companies, it is in size of medium valise. You will fit in there many of clothes, even cosmetics, but you have to put any liquids into small, plastic bottles, gathered into transparent bag. Another thing is accommodation – the cheapest will be hostels, most of them are situated next to the famous monuments.

Trip to Paris can be very nice, cause this city has plenty to offer. Nice art galleries, beautiful buildings, interesting monuments – any type of tourist will find something interesting in there. If you like to travel in very reasonable price, you should start to look for flights several months ahead, and choose hostel as your accommodation.