Nice and long trip

Trip to Lyon – the best monuments

When summer is gone we are very sad, that for another holidays we will have to wait for entire year. However, nowadays many people like to use a city break, an idea of short trip to one of the bigger metropolis in Europe. If you are searching for interesting spot try Lyons, amazing city with a lot to offer.

Architecture of the city

This beautiful tow was founded in the ancient times, as a part of Roman Empire. However, only one artifact from this period of time last till nowadays. It is a ruin of Ancient Theatre, situated at the top of the Fourvière hill. But even so, still Lyon is filled with interesting architecture. One of the nicest building in there is basilica of Notre Dame, amazing temple designed in Romanesque and lyon-2Byzantine Revival style. If you are looking for the oldest architecture in there, just visit Vieux Lyon, the old town. In the 30 hectares of land are situated amazing buildings from Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period of art. Between those monuments you will find cozy coffee shops and restaurants, where you can grab a beer and eat some delicious meal. For a true, Gothic temple you have to visit Cathedral of Saint John, it was founded in fifteenth century. Also, don’t miss Saint-Nizier Church, amazing temple, also founded according to Gothic style.

Another attractions

One of the biggest attraction of Lyon is Miniature Museum. In there you will be able to admire hundreds of exhibits in very small size, like skeletons of dinosaurs, popular buildings and monuments, dolls of the people dressed in vintage clothes and more. If you are fan of a paintings don’t miss the Museum of Fine Arts. It is very big exhibition of French painters, you will see in there pieces of Gericault, Delacroix, Renoir, Manet, Cezanne or Manet. Beside, museum has large collection of artists from other countries, like van Gogh, Rembrandt, el Greco, Rubens or van Dyck. Also while being in Lyon you can visit Museum of Printing. It is huge collection of artists, which were using this form of art, like Joan Miro or Andy Warhol.

Open air attractions

If you are visiting Lyon during warmer season you can enjoy plenty of attractions available on open air.

First of all you have to visit the zoological garden, where you will see plenty of various species of exotic animals. Also, don’t miss Park de la Tete d’Or, popular meeting spot for local citizens. It is filled with amazing, small architecture of BaroqUE and Rococo – fountains, statues and amazing French garden.