Unforgettable vacations in New York
Nice and long trip

Unforgettable vacations in New York

Nowadays, when Polish people are a lot more wealthy then decade ago, much more tourists are able to vistit United States of America. This legendary country, mostly because of movies and TV series, is probably the most popular area on the world. If you like to visit the best of the best cities in there go to New York City.

Prepare for the journey

Unfortunately if you are a citizen of Poland you are not able to enter States without visa. That is why you need to start your organization faster, maybe even a year ahead. Cause you shouldn’t buy a plane ticket before you get your visa, cause it is not sure you will get a positive respond. First of all you need to book online the interview with American consul, it is available in Warsaw and Cracow. Unfortunately you will have to visit embassy in person. Another step is to book your ticket. There are direct flights from Warsaw to New York available, however it will be cheaper to book one from the Prague or Berlin, it is a lot cheaper.


After arriving in NYC you will have an opportunity to admire plenty of interesting places. First you should go to Manhattan, situated in the island. It is filled with amazing skyscrapers, like Empire State Building for example. Some of them you may also explore from the inside. When you will be in this neighborhood you need to take a ferry and go to the Statue of the Liberty, also situated on the (smaller) island. In the top of a construction, the observational deck is available, you shouldn’t miss it. Another interesting place in the New York is the Wall Street building, the true headquarter of financial sector. It is very popular place among the travelers. You have to go for a walk on the Broadway and Fifth Avenue, the most popular streets in the city. Many of popular movies were taking place in this neighborhood. And if you like to spend a nice day on the fresh air you should go to the Central Park, the top spot fir the Newyorkers.

Another attractions

If you are an admirer of wild animals, you should go for a trip to the local zoologist garden, situated in Bronx, one of the NYC’s districts. It is probably one of the biggest objects like that in entire world. In the city you may explore many interesting galleries, like Metropolitan Museum, where plenty of top paintings in situated. It is great opportunity to admire works by Pollock, van Gogh, Cezanne, Magritte, and a lot more. You may also go to the Museum of Natural History, to admire skeletons of a dinosaurs.