Nice and long trip

Vacation in Berlin? Why not!

When spring is coming, we start to think about future vacations. Nothing surprising in that, cause after long, cold winter, we like to recharge our batteries for the autumn. Depending on your preferences, another type of travel will be the best for you. If your idea of perfect week is to lay on a beach and drinking tropical cocktail, visit Spain and Greece. For admirers of the long walks in the top of mountains, the best option will be Switzerland and Austria. Or maybe you better like to spend active vacations in one of the European capital? In that case, you should consider to visit Berlin, main city in Germany.

How to get there?
From Poland, we have various alternatives for travel to Berlin. Depending on our location, another will be the best. If you are resident of western part of the country, you can get in there by a car or bus. Also, train is available, but it is very expensive. But the nicest option, if you are living in a place with an airport nearby, you can book plane tickets. if you do it several weeks ahead, you can get very good price on that. Also, this option is the fastest, cause flight is taking about half hour.
All the tourist who are visiting Berlin, are watching the same monuments, forgetting about another. If you want to get to know the spirit of cultural side of this capital, don’t miss Kreuzberg, artistic district. In there, you will find plenty of multicultural bar and restaurants, markets with tropical foods, Many small bistros with music online. During the summer, when weather is very nice, don’t miss Brandenburg Gate, true symbol Berlin, and meeting place of most of citizens. Very close to there, you will find a monumental Memorial of murdered Jews in Europe, founded in 2005. It has almost twenty square meters, filled with black blocks of stone, which are making nostalgic mood. If you like to watch city from above, you can climb on the top of Victory Statue, it is cope with gold-plated figure of Nike. Walk is long and wearing, but it is worth to do it, because of phenomenal panorama.

A lot of Polish people, still have prejudices toward German nation, because of our sad history. But it is time to leave them behind and explore amazing capital of this country, Berlin. In here, you will find plenty of various tourist attractions, everyone will find something interesting for themselves. To go there in cheapest and fastest way, you should book airline tickets, using small carrier’s connections.