Nice and long trip

Have a vacations of your lifetime in Spain

Nowadays, since Poland is member of European union, a lot of it citizens are traveling whole around the world. All because small airline companies, which opened connections from our country dozen years ago. If you are planning your future holidays, you probably have a difficult decision to make, because of many options. But you need to consider trip to Spain for sure, cause this country is perfect during the summertime, and has a lot of great cities to explore. here are two possible destinations, where you can travel, using cheap airline companies.

This is for sure one of the most popular places in Europe. Each year, millions of tourists from whole around the world are coming there, to do some sightseeing. It is located at the west coast of Spain, at the seashore. thanks to that, while being in there, you can use one out of many city beaches. Barcelona is the most famous because of Antonio Gaudi, brilliant architect, who created a lot of interesting buildings, creating his own style, the combination of Catalonia and Gothic art. The most popular of his work, is Sagrada Familia, unfinished church, which is signature of the city. When you take a walk along Las Ramblas, the longest street in Spain, you will also see interesting masterpieces of Gaudi.
The biggest city, and the capital of Spain, is also very popular destination spot. Even if it is situated in the middle of land, without access to sea, travelers are coming here very gladly. If you like to do sightseeing in there, choose lower season. In June and September weather is also nice, but it is not so hot. Thanks to that, you will be able to enjoy views, and Madrid has a lot to offer. You will find there brilliant examples of each architecture period, renovated very well. one of it is Royal Palace, created in Classical style, which is head quarter of king of Spain. Also, in Madrid you will find many areas of green, filled with lawns, benches, and lovely lakes, where citizens are spending their entire weekends. Art lovers should visit Prado Museum, one of the greatest art exhibition in entire Europe.

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destination during the summer. Nothing surprising in that, cause this country own two amazing cities – Barcelona and Madrid. To each of them, you can travel from Poland for a song, using offers of cheap airline companies. Barcelona will be perfect in July or August, because of proximity of the sea. Madrid is better in June, cause it is not so hot then.