Nice and long trip

Vilnus Fallowing footsteps of forefathers

Poland has very interesting history, which started in the early Medieval times. Since then, borders of it were constantly changing, because of many wars and unions with another countries. Last time when situation like that took place, were at the end of War World II. Nowadays, many interesting cities, which use to be part of Poland, now are located in another countries. One of them is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which use to be in union with Poland. If you like to see this amazing place, filled with Polish traces, you should go there for vacations.

How to get there?
We have many different modes of transportation to choose, if we like to get to Vilnius. First one is train, it goes from a lot of Polish cities, but it is very expensive, if you don’t have a student discount. If you are living in the eastern part of Poland, you can go there by car or a bus, cause it won’t took very long. But the most comfortable and the fastest option, is to book an airline ticket, for sure. Also, if you do it several weeks ahead, you will have a chance to find flights in very reasonable price. All thanks to small airline companies, which opened their connections between Poland and Lithuania, several years ago.dirt-road-321045_640

Fallowing footsteps of forefathers
Vilnius was connected with Poland trough many centuries, so nothing surprising that even now, we can find Polish traces in there. Many of street plates on the old town are also written in Polish language. In 1815, famous polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz move to Vilnius to study. On the wall of the university we can see a board, which is telling us about this event. Also, into Poet’s street, you can find a house, in where this artist were living for couple years. Another famous poet, who lives in here, is Juliusz Slowacki – we can find his memorial board as well. In the Poet’s street you can find entire wall, with pictures of writers connected with this place. Beside those two above, you can find there also K.I. Galczynski and J. Krasicki. When you are visiting Vilnius, don’t forget to see Gate of Dawn, very important place, not only for Lithuanian people, but also for Polish ones.

Because of great standards of local University, a lot of polish artist were studying in Vilnius, in time when it was part of Polish Kingdom. If you are passionate of art or history, you should fallow footsteps of our forefathers in the old town of this capital. The cheapest and most convenient way to get there, is to book airline tickets.